2 and half months residency in rural venue surrounded by cow farms of beautiful scenery, Wexford, Ireland.

2 group exhibitions of resident artists will be organized in Wexford Art Centre and Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin during Autumn, 2012.

Artist in Residence at Cow House Studios, Wexford, Ireland

Solo Exhibition, ”Stratosphere - Charging Action” at Gallery αM, Tokyo

Shiro Masuyama currently lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland - a location that he ended up in as a result of pure coincidence. He initially spend much time wandering around the city, obliviously crossing boundaries that divide the city into Catholic and Protestant territory like a stray dog - a metaphor that offers an apt description of his artistic strategy.  (The introduction text in Tokyo Art Beat)

Intervention is a solo exhibition by internationally renowned artist Shiro Masuyama which acts as a platform to introduce him and his working practice to the Northern Ireland audience. The works presented; ‘Crossing the Border’, ‘Moving’ and ‘Measuring the Height of Napoleon’s Nose’ combine simple performance with documentation and are exhibited as object and video. All the works address notions of travel, the influence of place and society, and the genuine fascinations and desires of the artist. There is a simple intention, a simple process, and a simple result - an innocent inventive approach to a discovery of the world.

In Borderline, Masuyama exhibits ‘Crossing the Border’ and ‘Moving’, two works that combine performative acts and their manifestation as documentation through object and video. Both works address the notion of travel and physical/non-physical borders.

Undercurrents, in this body of work question a global anxiety around correspondence and a collective paranoia insinuated by acts of terrorism, as well as, the authorative procedure around the current concept of borders.

Solo Exhibition, ”Intervention” at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I am happy to announce that I was selected for one of grantees from internationally famous art grant of The Pollock-Krasner Foundation in 2009-2010.

Granted from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc., New York, USA

The 1st solo show in Japanese Museum. In this exhibition I represented 7 works of Crossing the border, Artist Refugee, Moving, Parky Party, Shinjuku Kabukicho Project, IKEMOKU and Legal Parking as a retrospective show.

Retrospective solo exhibition, ”Intervention” at Water and Sculpture Hills Ichihara Museum, Chiba, Japan

Solo Exhibition, ”Borderline” at Tenderpixel Gallery, London

Are we the warriors of the Revolution! Are you? Drawing inspiration from the 1924 Russian propaganda animation of the same name, Interplanetary Revolution is a project that will include at least two new simultaneous group exhibitions and the installation/reworking of another. Looking at and/or to failing/ed ideologies; notions of otherworldliness and the uncanny; and revolutionary critique, Interplanetary Revolution will be an opportunity to collapse a few assumptions and undermine previous relationships.

It is planned that parts of the exhibition/s, the artists and/or artworks will change - other elements of the project remain as yet unfinished and may end up never being so. The project will be accompanied by curated or hosted screenings every Thursday evening and most likely a series of lunchtime talks.

Group Exhibition,”Interplanetary Revolution” at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Catalyst Arts presents VICINITY, a group exhibition investigating temporary, adaptable and transitory methods for exploring Belfast city. Artists will work in an engaged manner using the mile radius of the gallery as a starting point to make new work in the gallery and at offsite locations.

Group Exhibition, ”Vicinty” at Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland

I got an award of Fred Conlon Contemporary Sculpture Award 2012 in Ireland. As a part of award I will have 3 month residency in Fred Conlon Residential Studio, Sligo and Leitrim Sculpture Centre from February to May 2012. And in the end of residency I will have a solo exhibition in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in May. The program will be organized by Sligo Arts Service and will be supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation.

Fred Conlon Contemporary Sculpture Award 2012,  Residency at Fred Conlon Residential Studio, Sligo and Residency and Solo Exhibition at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Leitrim, Ireland


The show will highlight a number of leading Chinese and Japanese (including several international) artists, focusing on relationship between men and the world around. The project considers the divergent directions that are emerging in contemporary art practices, bringing a unique group of Japanese and Chinese artists and curators together. It provides an opportunity to examine the rapid expansion of contemporary art activities in both China and Japan in recent years, and the important role it currently plays in the increasingly globalized art communities around the world.

Group Exhibition, "A as A Project 2012 —China-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition Vol. 1" at 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou, China