The art scene has been changing accordingly to modern ways of life as experienced in contemporary Tokyo, Japan. Communication and contact between people is limited and restricted to internet networks.  Apart from art opening events, it has become increasingly difficult for art communities to engage in real dialogue, conversation and collaboration.

I was invited to create a solo exhibition in an alternative artists’ space, PLAYROOM, which is located in an old Japanese style house in Mito, rural Japan. The whole house had been renovated into the artist studios and galleries. Because the homely atmosphere of the house still remains, it is easy for visitors to seek comfort and relax there. In fact, the house naturally became a conventional community for local artists. 

I embraced the opportunity to create work in such a location and I found the context of the space interesting. I thought if friends from Tokyo could stay in this space over night, they too could be inspired by this unique house. (Mito is far from Tokyo.) I utilized the hotel dormitories as exhibition spaces and became the hotel manager to entertain and take care of customers throughout the duration of holiday week.

PLAYROOM, Mito, Japan

April 2009

Photos : Kozo KANEDA