How is a parcel delivered? How do notions of movement and travel apply to the parcel as an object or entity positioned in between an origin and a destination. My curiosity around processes of mobilization and the unknown spaces traversed between real and metaphoric borders, led me to carefully consider how I could record and document modern conditions of transit and transference.

For artists, the act of packaging and posting art-works is standard practice. Through a process of experimentation I was able to invent a ‘moving’ box containing a hidden camera in order to record and investigate a journey through the various stages of a postal, delivery system. As with the majority of my work, I encountered many risks and failures in trying to solve the practical and technological problems posed. However, my persistence eventually allowed me to overcome these difficulties in order to produce a video document that transcribes the passages of a ‘moving’ box from Berlin to Hamburg, Vienna to Krems and from Kanagawa to Hiroshima in 2008.

During the making of this device I was asked by a fellow artist if I was making a bomb. This question aroused certain insecurities within me, leading me to question a global anxiety around correspondence and a collective paranoia insinuated by acts of terrorism.

from Berlin to Hamburg, Germany

December 2007

from Vienna to Krems, Austria

February 2008

from Kanagawa to Hiroshima, Japan

October 2008