New-style Bar, “All Alone”



All Alone is a traditional Izakaya-style Japanese pub version of Masuyama's former work, Supposed Opening. Considering that Supposed Opening took place in a flame of an art exhibition, All Alone was conducted as an experiment to see how Masuyama's installation functioned in a public space - a city.

This project actually went into business as a bar in Sendai's Iroha-Yokocho where small Japanese-style pubs and bars are gathered. There are three booths and the entrance of each has a tapestry with an original Japanese-calligraphy-style logo. As Masuyama adopted Western style in Supposed Opening, here, he filled All Alone with the flavor of a traditional Japanese pub.

He plans to make this experiment as a sequel and apply this proto type in various areas, cultures and countries. Art Project 2004, Iroha-Yokocho, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

August 2004

Photo: Norihiko OIZUMI