Parky Party/Supposed Opening



Art exhibitions are inseparable from opening parties that actually exist as social places for people in the art field. Many visitors often come to these openings just to drink and mingle without seriously looking at the work. Supposed Opening(Parky Party) is an anti-socialization bar that contrasts with such ironic customs around the art world. The main concept in this project is to prevent visitors from communicating with each other.

Masuyama created a bar setting in which each booth is separated from the others so that visitors will be prevented from meeting other people. The gallery is bombarded with noise that has been sampled from an actual opening party. For those who wish to avoid the bustle of the party, each booth is provided with a pair of earplugs that will allow guests to exclude themselves from the noise. The guests are not allowed to talk to the bartender. The only thing they are able to do is check the menu. Each drinking glass is also chained to the booths so that they are not able to take it out. Here, the opening party visitors will be forced to do nothing but drink in solitude.

With this work, Masuyama has successfully achieved shifting the subject of his work from the general public to the individual in the art circuit. In this sense, this project is important for him to broaden his art-creating practice as well as dealing with Masuyama's initial concept: the warped methodology of communication.

Parky Party, MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna

February 2006

Photo: Wolfgang THALER

Supposed Opening, ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program), New York

December 2002

Photo: Katsuhiro SAIKI